"Newbould has solidified his position amongst a thriving musical soundscape with no shortage of world-class talent in which to surround himself with" - UK Vibe (UK)

“the group dynamic is superb, allowing Newbould's music to breathe, and underscoring its inherent charm on every number” - All About Jazz (US)

Sam Newbould - alto saxophone and compositions

 Bernard van Rossum - tenor saxophone

Xavi Torres - piano 

Daniel Nagel - bass

 Guy Salamon - drums



Amsterdam-based ensemble the Sam Newbould Quintet plunges the traditional jazz lineup into a musical world inspired by Radiohead, Wayne Shorter, English folk and 20th-century classical music.


Winner of the Keep an Eye Records 2019, the group’s most recent album Bogus Notus was described as “compulsive listening” by Bebop Spoken Here (UK). An “archetypal jazz outsider” (Jazzwise), Newbould’s mix of emotive melodies, lush harmony and rumbling grooves tell tales of the wild landscapes of the Northern English countryside. Add to this some of Europe’s most exciting upcoming improvisers and you have one of the distinctive groups emerging in the Netherlands.



"It's the generosity of this music, its ensemble storytelling, that gives Bogus Notus its gentle power"

- Jazzwise (UK)

"I’ve no hesitation in saying how much I’ve enjoyed this music and am confident that those who are keen to stay in tune with what’s 'happening' on the contemporary scene will do likewise"

- Jazz Views (UK) 

"The dark and often brooding atmospheres conjured by the album cast their own weighty spell"

- All About Jazz (US)

"In the main it's a deep and dark rather profound album reminiscent of some of Charles Mingus' work. Rich, often discordant, harmonies combine to make this compulsive listening"

- Bebop Spoken Here (UK)

The band's second album Bogus Notus is their most ambitious yet. A dramatic, storytelling work, it was released in March 2021 on ZenneZ records.

Bogus Notus is a made-up term that describes something beautiful and intriguing, yet awkward and unfitting. For Sam, it captures his upbringing in the North of England, which, for all it's beauty, is a place where harsh weather brings the threat of floods, modernity disrupts the status quo, and diverging from the social norm risks exile.


Mixing styles, crossing genres, merging folk melodicism with dark chords and heavy grooves, Bogus Notus spins together a joy of home mixed with the discomfort of being an outsider.

Sam Newbould Bogus Notus