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"Newbould has solidified his position amongst a thriving musical soundscape with no shortage of world-class talent in which to surround himself with" - UK Vibe (UK)

“the group dynamic is superb, allowing Newbould's music to breathe, and underscoring its inherent charm on every number” - All About Jazz (US)

"I’ve no hesitation in saying how much I’ve enjoyed this music and am confident that those who are keen to stay in tune with what’s 'happening' on the contemporary scene will do likewise"

- Jazz Views (UK) 

Sam Newbould - alto saxophone and compositions
 Bernard van Rossum - tenor saxophone
Xavi Torres - piano 
Jort Terwijn - bass
 Guy Salamon - drums


“A musical mosaic of futurist ideas and indie-jazz harmonies” the Sam Newbould Quintet is an award winning international group based in Amsterdam.


Winner of the Keep an Eye Records 2019 and showcase artists at Injazz 2021, the band have been invited to perform at North Sea Jazz Festival, Love Supreme Festival (UK), BIMHUIS (NL), and Vortex (UK) amongst others. 

The band will present their third album Homing in June 2024. Homing is inspired by - and named after - Newbould's temporary adoption of a Polish homing pigeon, as well as his own reflections on building a life abroad. Combining humour with sadness, drama with banality, and virtuosity with simplicity, Homing is Newbould’s most personal and unapologetically bold musical statement yet. ‘Unlike the homing pigeon, my feeling of home isn’t tied to a particular place anymore, and the album is inspired by that process of building a new feeling of home.’

Celebrated for his uninhibited approach to writing both in his native UK and in The Netherlands where he lives, Newbould brings along a celebrated group of musicians, each bandleaders in their own right, to present eleven original compositions packed with musical storytelling, now further embellished with vocals and clarinet.

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Blencathra 2019


Bogus Notus 2021

Sam Newbould - Album 3kx3k - Homing.jpg

Homing 2024

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